Baby Loss Awareness

Our aim is to raise awareness of baby loss, it does happen, sadly it happens more than you think.

On average in the UK:

*8 babies are stillborn every day

*1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage

*1 in 80 pregnancies will end due to ectopic pregnancy

*More than 40,000 families each year will be told there is a chance their baby has a genetic or structural condition. In some cases, families will be faced with making an extremely difficult decision, to continue the pregnancy or have a medical termination.

Baby Loss Awareness Week

We are members of the Baby Loss Awareness Week Alliance who are committed to raising awareness of pregnancy and baby loss, providing support to anyone affected by pregnancy loss and the death of a baby, working with health professionals and services to improve bereavement care, and reducing preventable deaths.

Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place between the 9th-15th October every year, to help raise awareness of pregnancy and baby loss.

On the 15th October each year we hold The TeddyRose Foundation Wave Of Light church service to remember all babies who have sadly died and to mark the end of Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Please feel welcome to join us at our Wave Of Light Service