Cuddle Blankets

We donate Cuddle Blankets to hospital bereavement units in the Midlands to families who suffer the devastating loss of a baby. We also donate to families who contact us directly.

The Cuddle Blanket idea originated from our own personal experience.

When Teddy (May 2017) and Rose (September 2018) were born, we spent some time with them and cuddled them in their blankets. When the time came to sadly say goodbye, rather than leave the hospital with nothing, we cut their blankets in half, we took half home with us and wrapped them up in the other half.

Teddy and Rose’s Mommy sleeps with their blankets – they give her some comfort knowing they have been physically wrapped around Teddy and Rose, they are a beautiful reminder of the special connection they share.


The Cuddle Blankets we donate are specially adapted, so when the time comes for the families to sadly say goodbye to their precious baby, they can be separated in half.

The family keep one half and their baby is snuggled up in the other half, just like we did with Teddy and Rose.

We understand how important it is to have physical reminders of your baby. Our Cuddle Blankets help to bring some comfort to families at a time when there are just no words.

If you would like to donate a Cuddle Blanket to a bereaved family and their baby, either as a donation or in memory of a special baby, please click here.