Our Story

The TeddyRose Foundation was founded in September 2018 in memory of our children, Teddy and Rose White.

Teddy had severe developmental issues and was born early at 21 weeks in May 2017, weighing 13oz. He sadly passed away in our arms 4 hours later.

Rose was sadly born sleeping a week past her due date in September 2018, weighing 8lb 6oz. We later discovered that Rose died from Group B Strep, the UK’s most common cause of life-threatening infections in new born babies.

After suffering the loss of our two precious babies in just 16 months, our lives were completely torn apart. Every day after was a struggle.

No family should have to suffer the devastation of losing a child. Trying to carry on and live a normal life was the hardest thing for us, as our lives changed forever. We can never go back to the old us, before we were bereaved parents. It is like living two lives, the before and after. Always trying to adapt to a new normal, living around our losses.

Not forgetting the impact it has had on Teddy and Rose’s siblings – Lily, Harry, Henry and Poppy. They have really suffered too. Not only have they lost a brother and a sister, they have witnessed first hand the impact it has had on us, their parents.

The main reasons for setting up the charity was to keep Teddy and Rose’s memory alive and to help support other families at a time when they need it most, after sadly losing a precious baby.

Since setting up the charity, we have supported hundreds of families and are proud to be supporting 20 hospital bereavement units in the Midlands.