Manish Ravat

Digital Media

It is a great privilege for me to be supporting ‘The TeddyRose Foundation’. Michael and Trisha have both become good friends over the last 5 years as our son’s play for the same Grassroots football team that is managed by Michael.

Unfortunately, I have been there to witness their heartbreaking journey and I am amazed at the support that they are now giving to so many other families that have lost a baby. They have managed to raise so much awareness already, but needed help as they wanted to expand the awareness even further. Being able to develop ‘The TeddyRose Foundation’ website is something I was honoured to be able to help them with.

Gemma Wright


I proudly support The TeddyRose Foundation because of the level of support they give to families. Baby loss does not just have a short term impact on families, but long term life changing impacts.

The foundation not only provides immediate support to families with their priceless sentimental cuddle blankets, but they also offer personal support to families for as long as they need it.

Such a special charity close to my heart, thank you Michael and Trisha.

Lincoln Fan


In loving memory of Hazel, I am supporting The TeddyRose Foundation to provide invaluable support for couples who have suffered a miscarriage / baby loss.

I want people to know that is OK to mourn but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Jade Mashhdany


I support The TeddyRose Foundation because I am extremely proud of Trisha & Michael for being able to support other families who have also suffered a heartbreaking baby loss.

It is a cause that I believe is necessary, and I will do what I can to help to ensure support is there for other families.

Lisa McGuigan


I first met Mike and Trisha through grassroots football, and like every sports group, the family community and friendship support is incredibly strong.

The strength of Mike and Trisha is remarkable, they are a wonderful family who work tirelessly to support bereaved families through their own heartbreaking loss of Teddy and Rose.

For every family the charity have supported with a cuddle blanket they’ve touched their hearts when there were no words.

The TeddyRose fundraising team are dedicated to helping the charity in their aim to support families who have suffered a devastating baby loss.

Michael Glynn


I am honoured to be involved with The TeddyRose Foundation and be a part of the team.

Mike and Trisha are close friends, having known Mike for over 20 years and Trisha around 18 years to see at first hand the pain grief and heartache their lovely family have had to endure is heartbreaking.

I want to do my bit to support not only Mike and Trisha but also their children Lily, Harry, Henry and Poppy and subsequently all the other families that suffer from baby loss in any way possible, whether it be through fundraising, offering my time for events or anything else the charity requires support with I will be there on hand to help.

The strength shown by the founders is beyond words and with setting up the foundation shows the measure of this wonderful family in offering many services to support other families that may experience the loss of a baby, whilst dealing with their own heartaches.

In Memory of Teddy & Rose White

Donna White

Fundraising Co-ordinator

As a grandmother to Teddy & Rose, words cannot express the pain of finding out both times that our precious babies didn’t make it.

No Mother wants to see the trail of devastation baby loss leaves behind throughout the whole family. It is so hard not to be able to fix the pain.

I’m passionate about keeping Teddy & Rose’s memory alive, by raising awareness of baby loss and by fundraising, which will allow the charity to help other families who will sadly go on to lose a baby.

We care, together we can help to make a difference.

Katie White

Events Co-ordinator

I’m so proud of being part of such an amazing charity. The pain and heartbreak of losing a baby/child is something no family should ever have to encounter, let alone twice. I have witnessed first hand the total devastation baby loss brings so the foundation aims to bring compassion, support, empathy and a holding hand to anyone that needs support.  

The TeddyRose Foundation helps support not only us as a family but for all bereaved families in their most darkest days and throughout.

The charity keeps Teddy & Rose’s name and memory strong and as their auntie, it’s something I can do for them.

I am passionate about raising funds for the charity as it means so much to me to keep the charity going and to help support other families in similar situations.

I am so proud of Trisha & Michael for setting up such an amazing charity when their world had fell apart. I will always be a part of this.

I look forward to planning future events throughout each year to help the charity grow and most importantly be able to help bereaved families.

Gemma Allison

Family Support, Fundraising & Events Co-ordinator

It is an honour to be a part of such a wonderful team within The TeddyRose Foundation, whereby we all work towards the same aim and objective which is to help support bereaved families in loving memory of Teddy & Rose.

I have been good friends with Trisha & Michael for 20+ years, so have very sadly had to witness them suffer the life changing, harrowing effects baby loss brings to families.

I take great pride in my role and will continue to dedicate myself towards this very worthy cause to ensure the foundation excels and prospers which will enable more families, now and in the future to benefit from the much needed support that the foundation provides.

Jake White

Events & Fundraising Co-ordinator

I’m a proud brother to Michael and uncle to Teddy & Rose and I’ve seen first hand the effects baby loss can have on a family, so being able to fundraise in memory of Teddy & Rose is a huge honour for me.

There is no greater feeling than raising awareness for the charity and hosting fundraising events, knowing that it goes a long way towards supporting other bereaving families.

I’m looking forward to the future events we have planned and seeing the charity grow, which will help the foundation provide continuous support to families.