Michael Glynn


I am honoured to be involved with The TeddyRose Foundation and be a part of the team.

Mike and Trisha are close friends, having known Mike for over 20 years and Trisha around 18 years to see at first hand the pain grief and heartache their lovely family have had to endure is heartbreaking.

I want to do my bit to support not only Mike and Trisha but also their children Lily, Harry, Henry and Poppy and subsequently all the other families that suffer from baby loss in any way possible, whether it be through fundraising, offering my time for events or anything else the charity requires support with I will be there on hand to help.

The strength shown by the founders is beyond words and with setting up the foundation shows the measure of this wonderful family in offering many services to support other families that may experience the loss of a baby, whilst dealing with their own heartaches.

In Memory of Teddy & Rose White